Thursday, November 8, 2012

Father Knows Best


This week it was brought up that Charles "Peanut" Tillman, of the Chicago Bears, and his wife were expecting another addition to their family of a son and two daughters. 

This is a beautiful miracle that god willing happens to people all over the world every single day. 

The significance of Tillman's expectancy is that he was thinking the baby could be coming this weekend during the Chicago Bears mega tilt with the 7-1 Houston Texans.

He and his wife have decided if she were to go into labor to miss the football game and be with his her for the birth of his newest little one.

Now this wouldn't be much of a story as people miss work for the birth of there children everyday.  The problem is some people in the media think the star cornerback and potential Defensive Player of the Year candidate should play the game no matter what.

They feel with the season being only 16 games long that missing puts a burden upon the team and could jeopardize their playoff position seeding wise.  It has also been brought up that it is different in football than in basketball or baseball as they have more games and it is less likely missing one game will make that much difference.

I challenge those who feel that way in seeing how many times the baseball season has come down to 1 game separating the leader in a division from the second place team.  They really are the same in the grand scheme of things.  Tillman in this case sees a bigger picture. 
He doesn't owe anyone in society anything by being expected to play each game when it comes to the birth of their child.

You just aren't able to understand what it is like to be with your wife and family when another member of your family is just moments away from breathing air and life for the first time if you don't have children yourself.  The Sun Times spent the day with Peanut and his family, pictured right, and captured that feeling with his daughters smile.                                                   
And this doesn't count for those of your out there who call your pets your children...they aren't your children...they are animals. 

Tillman and his wife will be expecting their fourth child and each one is just as special as the last.  The difference for the Tillmans is the struggle they have gone through with their children.

His middle child, Tiana, was born with cardiomyopathy and was the recipient of a heart transplant in 2008.  Everyday he looks at this beautiful child it is a miracle.  It is this type of life altering event that shapes you as a human being.

Jackie, Tiana, and Charles courtesy

Peanut and his wife thank the lord each and everyday the time they have with their children and know that no one is guaranteed tomorrow.  There is nothing like hearing your child laugh or say, "I love you Daddy."

That is why you live everyday like it is your last. 

That is why you miss a football game for the birth of your child. 

Now, Bears fans everywhere want him to play on Sunday and help them potentially defeat the Texans.  Hell, as a fan I want him to play Sunday.  Especially with them leading Green Bay by two games in the division race.

We all love this game with a passion and at times act like sports is the end all and be all of existence. 

Now, as a father of two kids myself, I want him to miss Sunday's game and be with his family and wife during this amazing time in their lives. 

Life brings about many ups and downs and the roller coaster goes along and what is always constant in our lives is family.

Tillman was quoted saying, "At the end of the day, (family is) all you have. This game is important to me, but after what we went through with my middle child (Tiana), to me football will always be second or third in my life. That was a great lesson learned to teach me that when I'm done playing football my family will still always be there for me."  

That IS the lesson to be learned.  Family will be there when football is over and Peanut will be sitting around the fire with his kids, grand kids, and the dog on his lap spinning yarns about his Chicago Bears experiences.

That is a wonderful thing. 

Coach Lovie Smith, his teammates, and the organizations gets it.  They have created a "family" within the team and the locker room and is shows on the field.

They lead by example and no one does it better than Lovie.

Peanut and his Chicago Bears defensive teammates need eleven strong to make themselves successful. 

Without that bond you have trouble.  Now Peanut has said he expects to be there on Sunday as his wife will be expecting on Monday.   

Tillman and his wife though are building a bond with their family and setting a foundation for their kids future that will make them successful when they grown up.

Football is fun but family is forever!


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